City of Brampton Racquetball Association

We promote racquetball as a sport and physical activity

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Who are we?

CBRA is members run racquetball league encompassing members of all ages, genders and nationalities. Our players have varying skill levels from beginner to advanced.

What is Racquetball? High intensity fun filled game

Racquetball is a court game similar to Squash or American handball, played with a short-handled racket and a small bouncy ball. Players aim to hit the front wall after a maximum of one bounce. All four sides and ceiling are used in game play. Visitors can view the action through back glass wall. Both singles and doubles game can be played.

What do I need to play?

A Racquet basically


Racquetball is a pretty inexpensive sport to play. All you require for equipement is racquet, a can of balls and protective eyewear. Of course you will need a pair of non-marking running shoes.

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What does it cost to play?

Less then any other physical activity


There is a modest association fee that covers our league programs and social activities. In addition there is a City of Brampton court fee. Court fees are paid and run for a full year from date of purchase. It all comes down to less than $1/day. There are discounts for junior and senior members.

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When do you play?

Once or twice a week


Season runs from September to April and scheduled singles game is played on Wednesday and doubles on Monday. Members play pickup games during rest of the week and in summer months.

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